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Tools To Chart Your Course

Where the uncharted road goes is anyone’s guess. However, when you have a detailed road map, you’re more apt to end up exactly where you planned to be. With a specific course of action laid out for you, you’re also better able to enjoy the journey. No matter how you choose to get where you’re going, one thing is certain, Only you have the right and the power to plot your own course.

With the proper navigational tools, your destination is yours to decide. Perhaps it’s a villa in the Italian countryside, or a bustling metropolis halfway around the world. Or maybe it’s doing more with what you have right where you are, surrounded by those you love. Whatever it may be, the objective is attainable. What you believe, you can achieve. You just have to chart your course.

With this in mind, I’ve created these specific energetic analysis tools to get you from point A to point B and beyond. Keep in mind that energetic flow equals money. And money equals freedom of choice in every area of your life.

Option 1: Overall Business Assessment: This analysis is for any business that is on the down swing or wanting to grow faster than they know how to currently do. Rather than shooting in the dark trying to fix this or that, I’ll go through every business system and product or service you have and analyze it for congruence with your financial intention. I’ll also give you specific information for new products or services that are required to hit your goal. Your assessment will include an exact percentage analysis of each system and component to tell you exactly how far off you are. And best of all, I’ll give you exact solutions. Sometimes the devil is in the details. This specific nuts and bolts scrutiny will tell you exactly where to maximize your efforts by uncovering not only what isn’t working, but why. You’ll receive your detailed phone or Zoom analysis to explain every aspect of it and answer any additional questions you may have.

Option 2: Initial Business Energetic Set Up: Built for entrepreneurs, this appraisal of your business idea is worth its weight in gold. Not only will I look at your specific idea from an energetic standpoint, but I’ll set it up to succeed before you begin. If you’ve chosen something for the wrong reasons that isn’t aligned with who you really are on a deeper soul level, I’ll tell you so. Many times an entrepreneur will have an amazing idea, but it isn’t the right idea for that particular person. You’ll get the specifics of what makes you tick so that you will know exactly how to tweak the current idea you have to make it a better fit, or choose something completely destined to make you thrilled to jump out of bed in the morning. The way to make money and create success on every level is to immerse yourself in what you love. It is a rare human that is able to become wealthy doing what they hate. I personally think it is virtually impossible, but some are able to slog through with sheer determination in spite of everything. But is that any way to live? I’ll assess what it is that makes you happy to be alive, and we will build your dream on that solid foundation. You’ll receive your detailed phone or Zoom analysis to explain every aspect of it with energetic anchoring where applicable.